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This was my first time editing anything. I had an idea to re-edit some North Korean propaganda videos into a fun music video. Vimeo played this at the 4th annual La Guarimba International Film Festival in 2016. It has over two million views on YouTube.

General Electric - Dreamer

Directed by Missy Miedema

I was gaffer. Baby Moe rocked the drums and didn't cry once during two days of filming!

Logan Lynn - Go There When You Want To Be Loved

Directed by Kevin Forrest

I was 1st AC and drone cam for half this shoot. Logan Lynn is funny, kind, and very tall!

A very brief instructional video I filmed explaining how a camera stabilizer can be used as a jib substitute. The company I bought the stabilizer from liked it so much, they gave me a free remote control for the stabilizer.

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