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This is my Cinematography reel for 2018.

This is my Cinematography reel for 2016-2017. Although they weren't all student projects, this is some of the best work I completed while still a Video Production student at Portland Community College. I received an AAS in Video Production in June 2017.

June 2017

Eve: The Prologue is a teaser for a sci-fi series in development. Great costume design, professional hair and make up, and an awesome grip & electric crew all helped the look of this! Big thanks to director Devin Tau for asking me to film this for him.

Director: Devin Tau

June 2017

Class assignment for Video Production II at Portland Community College.


Winter 2016

This is my reel of scenes I lit and filmed for a Cinematography and Lighting class I took at Portland Community College. This is the class that got me started down the Cinematography path.


Summer 2015

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